As stated earlier, there are many facets of the marketing spectrum. Unfortunately for business today,
there is a great deal of confusion as to what marketing really is. Whether it is sales, research, advertising,
specialties, or training, everyone wants to attach the work marketing to what they do and who they are.

Hopefully, most people know that marketing encompasses all these area and much more.

Let PMA show you how successful an approach can be when all of these elements are put into place!


Who are you? What does your company do? Is it expensive, exclusive, technical? Whatever your
business, the development of your logo is crucial from the start.

PMA has developed hundreds of logos for manufacturers, financial institutions, malls, churches,
healthcare organizations, and many more.

Making sure that your logo not only identifies you and what you do, care also needs to be taken in using the right paper stock, and the right color combinations.
Additionally, care needs to be taken to prepare your ID for all types of media use from simple letterhead and business cards, to something that could also work
on television or the Internet.


We not only prepare the plan, either independently or in conjunction with your own marketing people, but also assist you in putting the plan into motion and
monitoring its progress. The marketing plan encompasses many of the other areas in which we provide services, including research and analysis, media
planning, budgeting, pricing, and much more.

We can help you find out who your customers are, and your non-customers as well; how your markets are growing or changing, how your competition is doing,
and what consumers say they want in terms of products, pricing, service, image, and more.


Controlling public perceptions about your business is a difficult and demanding task, but one that is absolutely essential to your success. We can handle the
public relations chores for you, enhancing the image presented in your marketing programs through communications with various media and the general public.


We often conduct one or more focus groups to obtain a direction for research and to determine some of the issues and concerns which need to be included.

Next we design surveys to identify consumer needs, priorities, purchase motivation, perceptions of you and your competitors, and so on. We also design the
survey to gain the maximum response rate. Finally, we gather and analyze the data, giving you information upon which to base future strategies.

The strength of your business lies largely in your ability to offer the products and services demanded by a changing marketplace, at a price that is both
competitive for the customer, and profitable to you. We can help you objectively evaluate your present product/service offerings as they compare to
consumers' needs. We can then give you our recommendations for expanding your present roster of services to increase income, based on our consumer
research and profitability studies.
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