What are your needs? The position of a consultant should be to identify needs and questions that need
to be answered. Once this is accomplished, the consultant then guides the client through a process using
the consultant's experience as the very tool that arrives at a destination that is not only successful
creatively, but successful to the bottom line.

PMA has a long record of professional consulting in anything from introducing a new product, resurrecting
an old one, to restructuring a business that needs guidance to the next level or one that is failing and no
one knows why.


A well-trained staff is the key to providing true customer service and keeping your organization running smoothly. We provide training in a variety of areas,
from customer service to time management - and we bring the training to you, conducting workshops and classes on site to minimize the amount of time your
staff are away from their positions.


Having a well-defined marketing agenda does little good if the company itself lacks a direction for the future. Strategic planning allows us to help you define
where you want to be in the years ahead, then sets out some specific tasks to ensure that you reach those goals. We facilitate the planning sessions, then help
develop a written plan which assigns responsibilities within the organization and provides a way to track progress for each.


When your company decides to expand by acquiring another, or when a merger is being considered, you may need an experienced hand on board who can
assist with everything from negotiations, to putting a structure in place after all of the changes have occurred. We can offer experience and expertise in helping
you and your staff through any such changes in an organized and positive fashion.
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