One of the most difficult marketing challenges is choosing the correct media to reach your target audience. We help you select and use media effectively, based upon the specific characteristics of the market you're trying to reach. We compare the various print and broadcast media available and develop a plan which
makes the most efficient use of your advertising budget. Comparisons such alternatives as telemarketing and direct mail.


And like any other kind of advertising, a good television spot uses the medium to its best advantage. In this case, that means sound and images that move. A TV
spot that doesn't use sound is always a waste of money. what happens if the viewer steps into the next room, or doesn't read quickly enough? A good TV spot
should tap into the emotions of the viewer in conveying the benefits of the product or service. Again, it can tie in to print or radio ads, but needs a unique
approach to maximize your investment.

Network or cable? Wednesday evening or Saturday morning? Who's watching, and when? For more on media planning, return to our main Advertising page of
our website.


Good radio is far more than an announcer reading the copy from a print ad. While a radio spot might well build on the basic theme of a print campaign, it's
unique feature is the ability to use sound to create a picture in the mind of the listener. Imagine hearing the sound of ice tinkling in a glass, tires screeching on
pavement, or glass breaking: and you begin to understand the true power of radio.

Radio uses sound in this way to create a scenario which illustrates the benefits of your product or service. Often incorporating humor as well, an effective radio
spot can even become favorite listening for a radio audience.

Once you have a spot that sells, whether a 30- or 60-second commercial, you still need to schedule it for maximum impact. For more on media planning, return to
our main Advertising page of our website.


The newest media can only be described as the future. Driven by the need for more time while maintaining a higher level of control and access, the Internet
offers an individual to conduct business from his or her home and with people all over the world.

The importance of a Website is not just in its creative, graphic design, but what it does and how it functions. PMA can provide everything you need when looking
for a Website that will not only set you apart from your competition, but be expanded to provide a more cost effective site for the future.


Good print advertising accomplishes these goals in a creative way, but never emphasizes design over effectiveness. Having said that, the role of design is
critical in making your print advertising an investment that pays you a return. Anyone can put type on a page, but developing a concept that highlights the
benefits of what you do in a way that induces prospects to become purchasers, requires talent, training, and experience.

The right headline, copy that engages the reader, and a graphic that gets them interested in the first place, combined with a format that makes sense and
appropriate white space, are key ingredients in a productive print ad.

Just as important, though, is when and where you run the ad. For more on media planning, return to our main Advertising page of our website.

Because a brochure, catalog, direct mail piece, or package may be your first contact with a potential customer, it's critical that each piece be designed and
printed to work as hard as possible on your behalf.

We design printed pieces of all types, working with quality printers who specialize in different types and quantities of printing to assure you the best piece at a
competitive price.

We design and oversee the printing of business cards, letterhead, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, point of purchase materials, direct mail campaigns - in
short, printed materials of all types. And we handle every detail, from writing the copy and developing the design to getting print bids and supervising the print

We also integrate the execution of each piece into your long-term plans, to extend the "shelf life" of each piece and keep it relevant as long as possible. And as
with our ads, every piece we produce is designed to sell your product or service, and to present your company with the best possible light.

Unlike other advertising, though, billboards only get about three seconds to do their job. That's why a billboard has to be kept simple and drive the point home in
a direct and clear way. Think of how many times you've seen an interesting billboard, but couldn't remember the name of the business. Or looked at a billboard
but couldn't read everything on it. A good billboard design takes into account how fast people will be driving past (highway vs. city street), how far away it will be
from the driver, and what you want the driver to remember most.
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